How Evolver Works

Evolver blends competitive fighting with quantum-cyberpunk-scifi to create a world of bizarre weapons, unconventional fighting styles, and wildly eccentric characters. Fighters wield weapons such as hand-held guillotines and giant surgical lancets, and couple them with super powers and martial arts to (sometimes literally) destroy their enemies.


Evolver’s combat mechanics are unique among 2D fighting systems in that it combines elements of traditional fighters with those of platform fighters. It also replaces traditional blocking with a unique evade-and-parry based defense system. Additionally, players choose their attack sets before each round with each character having 15 unique moveset combinations. Evolver’s combo system is friendly to inexperienced players and button mashers thanks to it’s auto combo mechanic, but also rewards seasoned fighting game players who put the time into creating complex attack sequences and mixups.


Each player is also equipped with a fountain of resources called bursts. Bursts have a variety of functions, and generally costs some bit of meter called Senergy. Senergy is earned by successfully attacking an opponent, and is lost when using bursts.  Senergy can also be obtained from orbs, and a small amount is awarded when taking damage. Each stance has special moves or stance bursts which can be used to extend combos and enhance attack combinations. With the exception of Evade Bursts and Break Bursts, all bursts cost some amount of meter. Players have 8 universal bursts (not including throws) which are as follows: 

Basic Bursts

 Become intangible for a brief time and dash forward or backward; evade bursts ignore all attacks except throws. Evade bursts can be performed on the ground and in the air. Pressing the EvB input during an EvB, the jump attack counter can be reset once allowing for a second air attack.EvBs have a half 600ms cooldown which is represented by the blue gauge in the HUD. 

Evade Burst (EvB)

Detect Burst is primarily used in the throw mechanic. Throws are especially useful because they cannot be avoided with EvB. Use throws to catch an enemy trying to dodge your attacks. Throws have a 3s cooldown which is monitored by the red gauge in the HUD. Additionally, throwing an opponent will knock a small amount of senergy from them which can be obtained by either player. Orbs cannot be absorbed while hit or down. 

Detect Burst (DeB)

Charge a heavy knock out that strengthens in damage and knock distance the longer it’s charged. Because Power Burst is a form of DeB, just like throws it cannot be avoided with EvB and is correlated to the red semi-circle gauge in the HUD. PoB costs 25 senergy and knocks out an amount senergy from the opponent directly correlated to the charge time of the attack. PoB can be canceled out of by EvB during the startup charge. 

Power Burst (PoB)

Consumes breaker charge to knock enemy away and instantly recover mid combo. You must have at least one BrB charge to Break Burst which are indicated by the spinning green disks in the HUD. You can obtain an additional BrB charge during your death animation by pressing all of the attack buttons simultaneously. 

Break Burst (BrB)

A parry stance which guards against most incoming attacks. ReBs have immediate recovery on hit confirm, and otherwise have a short recovery frame if no attack connects.  The full Repulse Burst cooldown is 3 seconds, and a single ReB will deplete the gauge by half. A successful repulse burst will regenerate the cooldown allowing for 6 -10 sequential repulsions depending on block stun. ReB has a 2 frame recovery if no attack is parried. 

A TReB or True Repulse Burst can be performed by holding forward and pressing ReB. TReB cost 25 meter and grant Perception on a successful parry causing the opponent to be temporarily slowed. This tool is especially powerful because it can be used to ReB most super attacks. 

Repulse Burst (ReB)

Perform a taunt that costs 10 senergy, and, if completed, grants 25 senergy. CrB can be canceled with EvB making it a great way to earn senergy as well as force your opponent to make a move. 

Create Burst (CrB)

Advanced Bursts

Cancels one string into another string allowing links between otherwise impossible combos. Control bursts can also be used to crossup an enemy by holding forward during the burst. CoBs use both the blue gauge and the orange gauge cooldowns. 

Control Burst (CoB)

Instantly kills an opponent who has 50 or less red health. Augment bursts are performed by ending a combo of at least 5 hits with a certain attack sequence. AuBs use both the green and orange cooldowns. 

Augment Burst (AuB)

Acts as a breaker, and consumes Senergy while allowing unlimited bursts until Senergy reaches 0. SoB requires 100 Senergy, and lasts for 15 seconds. During a Soul Burst, the user is in a heightened state allowing for additional effects for all confirmed hits; hand to hand attacks will stagger the enemy, decreasing their attack and movement speeds. Successful weapon attacks will cause bleed or damage over time, and each characters unique power has it’s own special effect. Even more daunting, attacks deal direct damage to red health, so your opponent cannot recovery damage dealt during a soul burst. 

However, such great power comes at a cost. While your character’s soul energy is exposed, all attacks cause self damage while granting a shield for any successful attacks. Additionally, hitstuns are increased by 15% when hit during a SoB. Use with great caution!

Soul Burst (SoB)